Adult Day Habilitation Programs

Our Exclusive Adult Day Computer Station replaces the windows desktop. This enables developmentally disabled  adults to effectively start using the computer independently. Adults simply clicks on his/her photo and is presented with a unique, personalized set of computer activities just for him/her.

The T4e Desktop divides activities and programs into categories simplifying the process of choosing the correct activity or application. Also, the system provides audio prompting. By simply moving the mouse over a category or activity box the user is prompted by a voice explaining the activity. Universal access is available.

Activity Centers include easy digital photography and easy web browsing and thinking games.

The Tech4Eeryone computer station

  • Enables the developmentally disabled to use the computer independently

  • Provides an organization with the ability to service many with a limited number of computers
  • Universal access 
  • Navigation using pictures and voice
  • Commercial programs run with out CDs
  • Replaces windows desktop with personalized activity centers. Clients see only what is appropriate for them.
  • Customized adaptive keyboard with special program exit functions
  • Safe secure easy web browsing and email Provides tools for an organization to control program use and customize the computer interface for each client. Employing the multimedia capabilities in the learning of social and life skills
  • Simplification of normal, advanced computer activities like digital photography, voice, picture E-mail, picture based Web surfing and more.