photo of boy using t4e station

The Key to Computers in Early Childhood Education.Our Exclusive EC Learning Station replaces the windows desktop. The child simply clicks on his/her photo and is presented with a unique, personalized set of computer activities just for him/her.
  • No more missing and scratched CDs! All programs run without requiring  a CD
  • Intuitive and easy user interface, using pictures and voice navigation
  • Programmed adaptive keyboard that simplifies the startup and exit of programs
  • Real early life skills through the T4E skills video such as buttoning, buckling, lacing and more
  • Special age appropriate software for early language development and auditory awareness
  • Easy and fun learning using the T4e Digital Suite, personalized photo albums, customized memory games, puzzles and more

Teacher Tools

Revolutionize the educational experience using T4e Management Suite.The T4e Management Suite allows teachers and therapists to:

  • Spend less time on administrative tasks
  • Effectively manage your student’s educational software, computer applications
  • Set up time limits for software usage
  • Create student goals’ and track individual progress
  • Capture and record real  time learning experiences
  • Effectively use  digital photography as a teacher’s aid
  • Access important student information quickly
  • Create interactive and multimedia learning activities using real life photos , for communication, environment awareness and life skill development

Great For:


Occupational Therapists

Speech-Language Pathologists